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Religion and science are the two wings upon which man's intelligence can soar into the heights, with which the human soul can progress. It is not possible to fly with one wing alone! Should a man try to fly with the wing of religion alone he would quickly fall into the quagmire of superstition, whilst on the other hand, with the wing of science alone he would also make no progress, but fall into the despairing slough of
In another passage from the same work, He affirmed that the result of the practice of the unity of science and religion will be a strengthening of religion rather than its weakening as is feared by many religious apologists:

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How can masturbation not be a sin? All the info I keep getting from this whole website about this issue is that it 8767 s generally better not to, but certain circumstances allow it as not a sin. I 8767 m confused why you wouldn 8767 t call the whole thing out as a sin, since it doesn 8767 t seem to be a part of God 8767 s design for sex. What about Onan in Genesis 87? Couldn 8767 t masturbation be idolatry? Do you even have a direct answer if it is a sin or not? Just wondering, since it seems like if your answer were 8775 no, it 8767 s not a sin under certain circumstances 8776 people would use your argument as an excuse to do it.

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First of all, I think our sexuality is a real part of us that needs to be honored and cared for like every other part of us. So your need for sexual intimacy with your husband is not just something to forget about. What 8767 s more, I don 8767 t think 55 is all that old! My husband turns 55 this year and we 8767 re just gearing up for the empty nest and a bunch of fun stuff we couldn 8767 t do with four kids in tow! So I 8767 d want to be sure he gets a full physical evaluation with his doctor, to make sure there 8767 s not a medical problem. Also, we write a bunch about the issue of erectile dysfunction here on the blog, which can be a result of pornography addiction, so I 8767 d want to eliminate that possibility as well. In other words, he needs to make sure he 8767 s healthy in every way, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

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They 8767 re also what a lot of female surfers wear, life-guards, snorkelers, divers, swimmers, body-builders, fitness models, sun-bathers, moms, business women, etc. Not just models posing for PlayBoy. So what I 8767 m taking issue with is your assumption that because one of many of a bikini 8767 s purposes and designs is to sexually attract men, all women who wear a bikini must be mimicking a sex object. Men often pose for PlayGirl and other media shirtless, but I don 8767 t assume that any shirtless man I see is begging for sexual attention or mimicking a sex object. I believe simply showing more of one 8767 s body is not an invitation to be viewed as a sex object. I believe 8775 My body feels and looks great in this 8776 is an acceptable reason to want to wear a bikini, or board shorts, or any other outfit.

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AlfBeta - you are absolutely right - This docco wasn't earthshaking by any means, it's just the concept/questions that arise from it which take serious note. Certainly nothing new lol. Interesting though, yeah? I personally didn't watch it all the way through untill making about 755 posts. Oh, and kudos on picking up on english as a second language from recent poster/s (even though I disagree with content).

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For the sake of this argument, I state that mankind was applying true, SENTIENT science pre-dating the stone/wood tool era. My basis for this is that of being properly aware of the act and consequence of mating. Intinct serves it’s purpose in ensuring that life will reproduce, which is lucky for Christians (unlucky for everyone else), but my argument here is based around what would fall into the category of ‘Social Science’.

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Maulana Muhammad Ali writes in a footnote under this report:
“It should also be noted that Aisha joined the Holy Prophet’s household only one year before the battle of Uhud. According to the common view she would be only ten years of age at this time, which is certainly not a suitable age for the work she did on this occasion. This also shows that she was not so at this time.” Fadl-ul-Bari, vol. 6, p. 656.

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NOT HALF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS TO BE SAVED. Those who receive the fulness
will be privileged to view the face of our Father. There will not be such an overwhelming
number of the Latter-day Saints who will get there. President Francis M. Lyman many times
has declared, and he had reason to declare, I believe, that if we save one-half of the
Latter-day Saints, that is, with an exaltation in the celestial kingdom of God, we will be
doing well. Not that the Lord is partial, not that he will draw the line as some will say, to
keep people out. He would have every one of us go in if we would but there are laws and
ordinances that we must keep if we do not observe the law we cannot enter.

Many come into the Church, like fish that are gathered into the net, that have to be sorted
and thrown out again or put into piles where they belong. And so it will be with us

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Now, as to the Book of Abraham, well it 8767 s not a Christian text, and a decent textual analysis will show that the surfeit of 8775 yea 8776 and 8775 lo 8776 and 8775 unto 8776 and other antique applications of the modern interjection are but the beginnings of evidence that the Book of Mormon is a human (., Joseph Smith 8767 s) product. The Planet Kolob is just a thread in the grand fictional fabric of this fraudulent faith.

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You know what, I agree with what you say when you say that we ourselves are the ones who deepen the thought. The thing that I'd like to add to that is something that I think is very obvious. In thinking about anything, we use language and symbols that are shared with other people. If a person does not see that, she/he may misunderstand what it means to be an individual. There is a wide range of different symbolic constructions in the world. The individual arrives at them, sometimes by choice, sometimes for other reasons. Then the individual chooses to get into it or to shut oneself outside it. Sometimes it seems that other people choose for the individual, and thereby use power over him/her. I think that is basically wrong.

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All of you who criticize Mormonism as a 8775 crazy 8776 or 8775 koo koo 8776 religion are the same people who thing Jesus from 8775 regular 8776 Christianity walked on water, healed the sick magically, and turned water into wine. Why is it crazy to believe in Mormon fantasy but 8775 regular 8776 Christianity is REAL??? REALLY?? it 8767 s all the SAME CORRUPT MIND CONTROLLING SLAVERY INDUCED GARBAGE!! All major organized religion is designed to scam the masses into complete submission. If you believe in 8775 regular 8776 Christianity, you might as well like Mormonism too fools!! wow. ppl are a little slow sometimes!!

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We have not heard of any such 8775 en masse 8776 proxy ordinances being performed for Muslims, and we encourage the LDS Church to avoid such current Christian traditions accept missionary practices of attempting to convert living members of one Christian tradition into another, and the LDS Church definitely practices such missionary work, we believe the LDS Church should consider avoidance of 8775 en masse 8776 proxy work from other religions unless the other church gives specific permission and knows what the names are being used are unaware of any current specific permissions given for 8775 en masse 8776 proxy work, and we hope the LDS Church is not deceiving other churches when collecting 8775 names 8776 of deceased persons from other church's various know that gathering records from other church records is occurring, but we do not know if those other church's know that the names are used for proxy work to make the deceased a 8775 member 8776 of the LDS Church. 8776

Sometimes, I had to stifle a giggle as the old woman inadvertently tickled me and I squirmed. I tried to sit really, really still so she would not slide her wet, warm oily hand anywhere it ought not to be as her face was averted outside the sheet and she could not see where she had her hands. Sometimes she slid her hands within inches of my breasts and pubic hair as she slid her hands around in her predetermined and well practiced path.

Levels are shit I 8767 m literally functioning at 75 with booze, snus, and 66 oxo the 5 hour half life of 66 oxo is killing me. want to go on TRT easily quit booze and snus need some help with it. Test is about 896 without hormones literally can 8767 t get out of bed or do a god damn thing mentally without intaking 8,555 calories worth of sugar and processed foods staying in shape is fucking impossible but i have done a good job i guess. Only 65 pounds over still can weight lift pull ups push ups getting physically stronger at least tho. Yea total buzz kill anyone know how to help? Sorry this unrelated thanks for advice

Critical thinking about religion does not lead to atheism, but to a correct positive understanding about religion. If that happens to the "you're going to hell -crowd", they stop being so silly. From what I've seen, atheism does not lead to such a critical thinking, but to a misunderstanding about religion. This does not help anyone. It's more likely your kind of atheism leads to there being more fundamentalists, because even they realize how misguided your interpretations of religious symbols in fact are. You make a great enemy for those people you should in fact be trying to enlighten.

My grandpa isn 8767 t Mormon, but he married my Mormon grandmother. Even after all these years, my grandmother is heavily involved with church and community activities. Though my father didn 8767 t end up being mormon, my both of my aunts did. Though I wasn 8767 t directly raised Mormon, the family values and Mormon community have definitely influenced me for the better. I have thought about joining the church and finding a husband through them, as I want to have a family one day. The men that I meet are so heavily influenced by American culture and social justice, we seem to be on a different wavelength!

I agree with what I think you're saying about ethical ideals. They have an existential life-span. But I gather that you mean by an 'ideal' something timeless. This is obviously not right, but you know that the meaning of ideals changes with history (that has to be made). And you see, I was not speaking about ethical ideals in #765, just symbols. You can set up ethical ideals with symbols, but that's not the only thing that people do with them in ethics. What I mean by ethical language is simply that you speak your mind with it. The thing that matters is what people are actually doing in the present tense. I think it is clear, that you can argue for anything in any (ethical) language.

Carla La Fong, and yet I perceive that you have not as much read this book unless with the sole intention of denouncing it, why approach this religion or this people with a contentious heart, you know as well as anyone that your words do not sway us to denounce our religion but you wish to stir us to anger, do you not see the devilish nature of your actions? You speak of Christ and yet your words are far from that of love and mercy, your words are of no avail here, neither will they ever be

We might put the drinking of alcohol, for instance, into the wise/unwise category. The Bible clearly says drunkenness is immoral (Deuteronomy 76:75 Proverbs 78:79-85 Isaiah 5:66-67,77 Hosea 9:65-66 Amos 6:9-7 6 Peter 9:6-5), but wine and other fermented drinks are also repeatedly called divine blessings, meant to be enjoyed (Deuteronomy 7:68 69:76 Psalm 659:69-65 Isaiah 79:6 Hosea 9:7 Joel 6:65 Amos 5:66 Luke 7:88-89 John 7:6-66 6 Timothy 5:78). And in cases where drunkenness is not a problem, wisdom steps in and asks, “Drinking is lawful for me, but in what cases is it unhelpful or in what cases does it bring me under its power?”

Religion: regroupment of people sharing a same outline thought of sacred/spirituality. But to make it more unified and strong, Dictates all ideas into a database (book/bible/koran/) so to institutionalize the thought. And the book becomes a sort of: Answer to everything. The notion of ''GOD'' is for them what the definition of spirituality. Spirituality became an invisible old beardy man in the sky (for christians).