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These felines were feeling very feisty judging by their stand-off that resulted in a choke slam. The footage, shot in China, shows the two tabby cats holding narrowed eye contact and furiously swishing their tails before the cat on the left pounces on his opponent. The cat then expertly turns the move on him by grabbing him around the neck and slamming him onto the move, traditionally used in professional wrestling, was enough to immobilize the animal before he retreated video was taken last month in RenMin GuangChang, Shanghai.

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Since you don 8767 t mind snow, ditch that place and get your self up to Anchorage, AK. Great snowy winters and the only summers that can compete are in Vermont. It 8767 s one of the fittest cities because everybody plays outside. The men are men and the women are women (and since the gold and oil rushes have long ended, the male/female ratio is decent again). Everybody is super nice and inviting, even the sourdoughs. Plus every girl has a 8775 how I got to Alaska 8776 story and loves to share it.

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I was on a bus the other day and I chatted up this girl. She was really cute and we were clicking. So after we got to our destination I asked for her number and said I would give her mine and maybe we could grab some coffee or something. So I got her number and waited a few days and sent her a text asking her if she wanted to get some coffee or something. Still no response, any suggestions? I was also kinda nervous when I asked for her number hopefully I didn 8767 t freak her out.

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Okay here is the thing, I agree with you on waiting and not obsessing over why she wont text back, but I sure as hell do not agree with your shitty little opinion about being just another orbiting dick. Number one its not totally true that the hot girl has guys orbiting around her all the time, number two: I 8767 m a fucking maverick and I for one do not orbit around like the others waiting for my goddamn turn because its always my turn and to add to that I 8767 ve got women orbiting me because like I said I 8767 m a maverick who goes off and does his own thing and doesn 8767 t give a shit. I assume that you are one too so you probably get were I 8767 m coming from. Lol. instead of having to wait for her to text back if you know what you are doing you can send a text that will get her interested and make her text back. Cheers

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As an Oregonian, this is dead on. Lucky to live on the coast where people are a little more 8766 Oregonian 8776 versus Portland cooler than Jesus hacks. The only thing you left gages in the ears. Huge farking gages & plates. Everyone thinks their cooler than everyone else. Men don 8767 t have the guts to even be men, its why the women are so masculine. I was on the metro and saw a men politely let a woman go around of him, she actually told him to pise off. Thats Portland for you.

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Hey man, need your advice. I 8767 ve been on a couple of dates with a girl and at the end I suggested meeting up again and she said she 8767 d had a tough week, was unsure and she 8767 d call me. She text me by the time I 8767 d got home with something playful. Well, as expected, she didn 8767 t call. To keep the ball rolling I followed up with a text (not asking her out) and she replied. About a week later, I thought why not text her and ask her out at the end of the message. No reply! Is this the time to take the hint, or try a bit of persistence? Cheers

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Among all the scientific questions that have fascinated Man over the centuries, surely there is one that is beyond debate. Planet Earth is round, not flat. The Ancient Greeks first discovered this fact in at least 755BC, if not 855 years earlier. The Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus delivered solid mathematical proof in 6598. But the Flat-Earthers - a derogatory term used to denote people who are out of touch with the realities of modern life - are back on the march. Thanks to the internet, their numbers have grown to a size unparalleled since the Spanish Inquisition and, inevitably, celebrities are flocking to join. Last month, the former England cricketer, Andrew ''Freddie'' Flintoff (left), declared himself a Flat-Earth enthusiast, joining US basketballer Shaquille O''Neal.

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Wow man. You 8767 re really needy. Can 8767 t you go on Ok Cupid, or go to the mall and approach women until you find a date. I don 8767 t want to sound like a jerk, but you have oneitis for a woman you haven 8767 t even met. It reeks of desperation and is embarassing. Your ancestors used to hunt animals with spears and slay their enemies with fury. And you cry on the Internet about a woman you 8767 ve never met.

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Ok so I just met this girl at an airport. We where both on layover heading to Maui. We talked for like -8 hours about stuff. I made her laugh blush whatever. I drew her a picture which she fell in love with and it seems she likes me. This was 8 days ago. We both leave on Friday-Saturday and I wanna see her one last time before I neve see her again. She won 8767 t text me and we talked about hanging out before she left to go back east. She 8767 s from Kentucky me Cali. What do I do?

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However, I don t agree that emotional reactions are just a smaller version of a pervasive negative attitude, and I think that s where the heart of this debate lies. Yes, we have emotional reactions to what happens to us, but outside of the moment, whether to hold on to those emotions are a choice. I ll defer to ShieldGirl s expertise as a psychologist on specific methods of therapy, but for myself, I try to feel those emotions, deal with them, and then let them go. It s not easy, especially for something that everybody and their father in law like to mention to you (for some, it s height, for me, it s my underemployment and living with my parents), but nobody wants to deal with my pain about that, and frankly, I don t want them interacting with it. So I try to treat every interaction as new, even though I have this baggage about that type of interaction.

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Yeah, exactly. I don t respond quite often because what would be the point of messaging to say, So sorry, not into you. Kthnxbai, and when I have responded before to guys saying I m not interested, a majority of them responded with threats and terribleness. I don t feel bad when guys say how shitty it is to not get a response because a majority of the time women aren t responding because of the extreme amount of men who threaten and put them down when they do respond. I m sorry, but thinking silence is absolutely terrible is nothing compared to the fact that I ve been told to kill myself and had guys give me a list of all the reasons why I m worthless just because I m not interested.

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Mark Zuckerberg, his wife Priscilla and a friend were spotted getting burgers in Kapaa, Hawaii on Thursday. The Facebook founder brought his toddler daughter''s training potty to lunch with them, setting it up on the restaurant''s patio. Zuckerberg is taking the month of December off for paternity leave. His wife gave birth to their second daughter, August, in August. Eldest daughter Max turned two years old earlier this month. The burger joint is just 65 miles from the former sugar plantation the couple bought for $655million in 7569. Zuckerberg got some bad press last year when he tried to kick locals off of their land to add more parcels to his already sprawling estate. The social network CEO dropped the legal battle in January.

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I think this is very significant and true. A lot of the taller women I know don t actually think shorter men are unattractive, but have a lot of baggage around the height difference. being unable to wear shoes, worrying that the guy feels emasculated, worrying that other people will judge them, worrying that she as the woman is bigger than the guy (which might make her appear unfeminine.)

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I also disagree with the text haters. I met my current SO online. On our first date I made a comment about how boring some of my dates were. I said, 8775 I know I 8767 m not interested when I start talking about the horrors of . traffic, trying to find a parking spot in Koreatown, or the weather. 8776 A few days later I was on a date with another guy, and in the middle of the date my (now) SO texted me, 8775 So, are you talking about the weather, parking, or traffic? 8776 It was so funny that I thought about him all evening. My date didn 8767 t stand a chance!

Tony, i have been chatting with this girl online now for the past few days. I sent her a message yesterday just asking what kind of music shes into an i got a reply that said i would like your num tho so im confused as to why she said that an not answerd my ?.. so i gave it to her an still havnt heard from her. its only been 79 hrs tho Im just wondering if its just another game! the text before all of this was hey boo! so idk whats going on! Let me know what you think?

When he was discovered wandering the streets in South London, he said his name was Huang Ngoc Vo, that he was 69 years old, and from Vietnam. He was given a home with foster parents nearby. And there the matter might have rested, with the migrant child receiving the best help Britain could offer. But in October, telling his foster family he was visiting the local library in Bexley, the boy vanished into thin air. The police, who''ve asked the public to help trace him, say he had run away from his foster parents'' home on two previous occasions, only to be rescued from an address ten miles away in Peckham, South London.

If it gets people to stop, that s awesome. My experiences have just been that I m told I m a bitch or that I need a sense of humor when I ve told people that what they re saying isn t cool or I respond like you have. I still have anger sometimes about things like the girl who said I was going to die alone, but the fact that I responded as if she means nothing in my life got the point across better than if I said anything back. In fact, after 8 days of ignoring her (during which time she continued to say these things) she exploded at a mutual friend and asked what my problem is. When he said that perhaps she shouldn t keep saying I m going to die alone, she went off about how I m a stupid bitch who needs to get over myself, so even when it s not me standing up for myself, I m still assumed to be a terrible person.

I bumped into this girl who i knew of back in high school but we never realIy hung out or talked, anyway so i got her number and i called her the following week and talked to her but didnt ask her out. then i called her twice more after but both phone calls were short because she said she was busy doing things. So at that point I thought she was not interested at all, then a few days later I got this text 8776 sorry for being so short on the phone with you when you called, but I have been really will message you if and when my schedule frees u. Have a good one 8776 . So is she interested or she 8767 s just being friendly? What should I do?

I work nights at the moment and she had said she was going to come visit me at work last week (I work alone). Well she never showed up, and did not answer my texts that night. Right before I got off work, she texted me saying she was sorry she had fallen asleep and asked if I wanted to have dinner the next night. I was busy that day and told her I couldn 8767 t, but we have agreed to hang out this Saturday, tho not set on where or what time as I 8767 m not familiar with her city and she said it would be easier if I could come to her.

Yeah, I don t really think that this one is going to have as much of a punch with women generally as the set up implies it will. I think women get it hammered in pretty early in life that men care about looks and that there s only so much you can do about that we don t really have a counternarrative where a genuinely plain girl who continues to be plain through the whole story wins over a desirable guy with her courage or kindness.

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