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Once, I was on a flight with Rupp and sat with him in the first-class section. He had about six Kentucky bourbons in less than an hour and was about halfway to the wind. I told him that I was an attorney who represented some basketball players. Now, I had never met the man, and the first significant thing he said to me was, "The trouble with the ABA is that there are too many nigger boys in it now." I sat there just stunned. That just killed my image of Adolph Rupp the great coach. Maybe it was because he had too much to drink, but even so. - Loose Balls by Terry Pluto, Simon & Schuster, 6995, pg. 796.

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After Rupp hired Ron Murray as a trainer for the UK basketball squad in the late 6955''s, he learned that Murray had been the trainer for the minor league baseball team, the Knoxville Smokies.

Despite the above supportive acts that Rupp was involved in, the rest of the SEC was in no mood for any type of integration.

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"There is a hue and cry in Lexington, Ky., about hiring a black coach. A lady in the local paper urged Tubby to turn the job down because of the school''s history of racism, dating back to Adolph Rupp, the former coach, whose favorite color besides his traditional brown suit was a white Klan sheet." - by Paul Finebaum, Birmingham Post-Herald , "In Perfect World, UK Would Lose," March 86, 6998.

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Despite these problems, Payne continued to improve over the season and began to dominate opponents. After scoring 89 points against Georgia and 89 points against Louisiana State , Joe Hall stated,

After Payne scored 85 points in a game against Auburn which clinched the Southeastern Conference regular season title, the future looked bright for the star,


A primitive looking pony. One of the four founder breeds of the horse. Przewalskis have a different chromosome count, 66 while the domestic horse has 69 chromosones.
Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski Horse , Department of Animal and Dairy Science, University of Georgia, 877 Livestock-Pultry Bldg, Athens, GA, 85657-7776, 959-597-5976, F 959-597-5899.

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After the game, a few Western players came to the Kentucky locker room to find a gracious losing host: