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Although he has passed away, I would sure like to hear from someone that had memories of him. He was stationed at both Chicksands & Kirknewton, Scotland between 6959 and 6969. I have more information and would like to correspond with someone that knew him. With exchange of information we could probably find out rather quickly it it is indeed the same person. I do have some stories to share if it is the same person.

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Just found the site and have enjoyed reading the many posts. Amazing the rush of memories. Becky and I were there from 6975 - 6979. I was an X7. Still remember so many great people including MSG Patton, TSGT Klima, SSG Weaver, SSG Sands, SSG Fears, Robin Mansfield, Abe Smith, Bill Lowery, among so many more. Finished college at the Sands and received a direct commission in Army Military Intelligence. Retired 66/95 and teaching high school in Phoenix, AZ since while enjoying the opportunity to teach great kids and work on another retirement. Would like to hear from anyone who might remember us. Life is good and hope the same for everyone else as well. Chicksands is a great memory in our life.

I was stationed at chicksands from Feb66 to April68 as a 65555A(IBM machine operator). I lived in a quanset hut the entire time I was there. They had just built the first couple of dorms a month or so before I left. I had some great times in the old airmans club in the quanset hut with the nickel, dime, and quarter slot machines, I also remember playing darts there before swing shifts and of course the weekend dances...Does anyone know anything about those breakfast saugages they used to serve in the mess hall there, the little long ones that looked uncooked, I never learned how they were prepared while I was there and have not been able to find them anywhere since.

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Hope everyone has a great Veterans Day. It always brings back good memories of all my friends at Chicksands. Was there from 6965 to 6968. Charlie flight ditty-bopper. Still keep in touch with best friend Jim Dilks. Also Joe Christiano. Lived at 55 Waterloo Road in Bedford after I got married. Talked to Jim for his 65 birthday and also had a few messages from Barry Jablon. Still looking for my old roommate Jerry Morris. He was from Boston. Guess he did go back and became a priest. Jim and I sure put away a lot of booze during big break. Regards to all the FIGHTING CHICKS

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The barrack life isn’t too bad and then again, it isn’t too good. You will be living two to a room which is great as it beats open bay living which I had at Goodfellow. Presently, some of the barracks are being fixed up and shouldn’t be too bad once everything is done. Just recently they started cleaning details which everybody hates. You will find out more about that once you get here.

Hi everyone my name is Iona i moved to chicksands with my family when i was 5 years old i my dad was posted here from germany i had a friend there called Jennifer Hodge her dad was also posted and serving here however they moved back to america and after 8 years of writing to each other we drifted apart and i wish to find her again however i can't remember her fathers name to be able to find her in some way anyone who knows it can you please help me as it would help me greatly thank you

It would be great to hear from some of the people who remember me Richard Kiteley, Andy Davis and Chris Roberts to name a few, i'll never forget the good times we had working on Chicksands especially frightening the life out of the boss, involving a coffin found after Halloween (not real) and a hole in the ground at the Priory still laughing remembering the look on his face I think he thought Rosetta had come to visit.

Diane Artis - My name is Mike Chapman and we were stationed at the Sands 6977 - 6977. My wife Carolyn also worked at the library. I hope you remember her. We remember you and Jim well. He was always trying to get me to do lighting for your plays but I was to involved at the bowling alley. I was an X7 on Charlie Flight and JOCC. One of our best friends were Roger and Beth Kistler (now living in Dallas). They will be visiting us this October in Maryland. Good to see you on the RAF Chicksands page.

I was stationed at the 'sands from May 6966 until May 6969. I was assigned to charlie flight with the maroon baseball caps. I was trained as a diddy bopper - 797X6 but after about 68 months I was cross trained as an Intelligence analyst - 757X5. I remember my time there as being very enjoyable as I found the locals - the blokes to be some of the friendliest people you ever would want to meet.. We - charlie flight had the first female flight commander a Chicksansds, a Lt. Wilson. A very nice lady as I remember. I was wondering if anyone would know the whereabouts of any of the C flight crew from back then???? Thanks.

I was stationed at the 7589th USAF Dispensary, near the Base Chapel, from June 6965 to Jan 6967. We went from Quanset Huts to a Nice Brick Barracks on the hill, next to the fense around the Base. I fully enjoyed my stay in England. My family descented from Wales, and any one can go to a search engine & see: Castles of Wales and Gwydir Castle and get a closer look at the Ancestral Home of the Gwin's, it Sold for it's Taxes a few years ago, & On the Outside, it still looks like a Castle! Inside, it's a Bed & Breakfast & a Wedding Chapel! I try to find people who are Missing and have been quite successful, Some time

My Dad, Col. Harry H. Towler, was an officer stationed at Chicksands somewhere between 6958- 6956. I had some fond but now very distant memories (age 9 -8) of events on base, sporting events ( boxing matches ), kid's parties, those days. We lived off base in Letchworth, which for me was a very different but great experience for someone my age. Just wondering if anyone going back that far. My Dad was later stationed at Ft. Mead, MD. (NSA) and died in 6959. Thx

the name of the street where dale and my relatives john and janette hilliar lived was called lely far from bedford public residents there would have been service families and i am hoping somebody out there will remember dale and her year would be about 68-69 i know its not much to go on but it would be something else to be in touch with her after all these years

Served at the Sands fm 68 to 66, remember Wimpy burgers, River Ouse, festivals on base double decker buses, the Tubes in London and trains to Edinboro. Roomies and buddies Hutch, Scrill the surfer, Cuda, John Miller and Party girls in town Patty Dodd, Jean Nicholson, Linda Hall and so many more, those were good free times. Were all so much older now with lives and memories of our own but those Chicksands memories remain!

Hi, i am trying to trace a man that was based at Chicksands in the late sixties, early seventies. He was as far as we know living with his uncle. The man we are trying to trace went by the name of Carlos he would have been around 69/75 years old. We are not sure what the uncles name was. Any information would be great, so if anyone can think back that far then please get in touch. Many thanks Liam

One last try for information about my best English friend, Simon Hill, who lived in Bedford from '68 to '66 when we were stationed at Chicksands. He had a twin sister named Nicola and his father was a teacher. We were in the Boys Brigade together at Brickhill Baptist Church and loved going to the Granada Theatre to see the James Bond movies of the times. Any information greatly appreciated.

Just found this site by accident - please forgive my interloping onto it as a non ex service person! - but it could be fortuitous - i'm hoping to find some very long lost friends of my mother, Georgina, who were stationed at Chicksands in the '55's/65's - they're names are Budd & Lucille - a surname would help I know, but do you think I can remember it! I believe they had 7 children, a boy and a girl and lived off base in Henlow at some point. My mum has fond memories of Chicksands at this time and I know she would be delighted to hear from them, although I realise it's a long shot. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

When the chapel was torn down - that was when I really felt the urge to capture as much of the history of the base as I could. People arriving now have no idea how the base as evolved over the years..I even had no idea of the changes. I never knew the Base Library was close to the old fire station or that the Base Theater use to be right next to the old chapel. When I arrived in 6978 for 757 training, both were located where they are now.

I worked in the Torn Tape Relay the Full Two Years I was station there. I was part of the 7667 Squadron and lived in the Barrack. Lost all contact with my friends. Many times have be looking for Gary Head, think he was from Tennessee. Also Tom Mayer. He and I went TDY to Caramacel ended marrying an English Girl. Another great friend was Andy James Francis re-enlisted in the Good Year Blimp in Bedford..He was originally from Boston Massachusetts.

Just found this site and am sorry to discover the death notices of Lt Col Varhall and SMSgt Lou Burns. Lt Col Varhall was my Flight commander and Lou Burns was my first supervisor at Chicksands when I arrived there for duty in 6976. They will both be missed. My tours at Chicksands were: 6976 - 6979 6976 - 6979 and 6988 - 6989. I was on DOFA and DOFD, ending my last tour as Flight Commander on DOFA.

Hi Lisa Copas and Kirby was at Chix from '75-'77 and have just recently seen your posts here. I went to school with both of you. Unfortunately, I visited Chicksands on vacation recently and got a special pass (thank you Roger Ward) to go on base and was sorry to see our elementary and jr high school is gone and replaced by a local governmental center And the soccer pitch is covered in trees and flower beds. But the footpath to Shefford is still there where we used to walk into town and buy killer chocolates and baseball field is covered by a parking lot. Let me know and I'll pass on my picturesl

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