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Update October 79, 7568 regarding Alabama: back to top It appears as though ALABAMA A& M AND AUBURN UNIVERSITIES extension service encourages rain water harvesting. It is highly unlikely that they would encourage something that is against state law. I have found nothing at the Alabama government website forbidding rain water harvesting by individuals. The section on permits does not mention rain water harvesting. This page from the Alabama government states that: 8775 Rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection should remain a private property right 8776 .   back to top

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Update September 66 regarding West Virginia: back to top After several hours of research at the West Virgina state gov 8767 t. website, I found nothing specifically prohibiting rain water harvesting as it would apply to the individual household needing water for domestic purposes by catching a few thousand gallons of rainwater to be stored for future use. I did find (again) that there are regulations on wells, ground water, and surface water use and water rights. The West Virginia website has an entire page describing how to set up rain water harvesting for the individual home owner. It is highly unlikely that rain barrels are 8775 illegal in West Virginia 8776 as far as the state government is concerned. Absolutely check with local authorities regarding additional laws. back to top

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We bought our Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator 68 months ago. We have gotten used to the whining coming from the fridge when it makes ice. We have also gotten used to water forming on the bottom of the ice maker which restricts the rotation of the ice from the back to the front of the tray. When we try to push for ice, there''s noise but little to no ice comes out, even though the basket is full of ice. Four weeks ago, the temp of the refrigerator section began fluctuating from 88 degrees to 55 degrees and back down again. We are working with a technician, assigned to us from our home warranty company, who told us that ours is the fourth Frigidaire refrigerator he has worked on in the last 85 days with the same problem. He stated that Frigidaire is aware of the problem (not defrosting properly) but has been slow to respond. Per the tech, we have to wait two weeks while the tech tries to get this resolved with Frigidaire. Totally Unacceptable!

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The saleslady at Lowe''s said she owned the same model as the one I bought and said it is a great refrigerator and I trusted her. I will take blame for not contacting them sooner but as I mentioned I have a chronic illness & was confused what date I bought it. You can argue it was my fault but seriously a refrigerator only standing up for 66 months is below standards. My Maytag lasted 68 years with no issues, but it wasn''t made of plastic products.

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We are very unhappy with our Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator model FGHC7886PF6. Not only does the ice maker underperform at making enough ice, but the ice it does make is larger than the hole for dispensing it, so it almost always gets stuck. Also the seal to the freezer door often pops loose when you use the refrigerator door, so you need to check that the freezer is still closed. It''s a very annoying appliance overall.

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Update, February 68, 7569 regarding New Hampshire: back to top Setting up rain barrels is encourged by the New Hampshire state governement in this pdf.  It is highly unlikeley that the state government would encourage rain water harvesting if it were against state law. See the next two links for more info:  http:///organization/divisions/water/stormwater/ http:///organization/divisions/water/stormwater/stormwater-mgmt-

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We purchased three new Frigidaire appliances for our kitchen in 7569. 6 months into owning our Frigidaire Gallery Fridge the ice maker stopped working. For months we could not even get someone in to service it. "No one in the area that can handle the problem" frigidaire said. Finally someone came out, fixed it, a week later broken again. Since then we have had Frigidaire tell us that it is not their problem, not under their manufacturer''s warranty. Hired and paid Sears who came out 9 times.

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Update December 9, 7568 regarding Nevada: back to top Back in 7559, the University of Nevada published this information on setting up rain barrels, and rain water harvesting. At the Nevada state government website there is this info on water there are about 6955 various definitions, regulations and statements regarding water. I 8767 ve read through them and not seen anything mentioning rain barrels or roof water harvesting. It is highly unlikely that the University would recommend rain barrels if they were against the law. It appears as though rain water harvesting by individuals for personal use is ok in Nevada. If anyone finds info to the contrary, please post your findings here with a link to the source.

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Thanks to all for your good info.
I 8767 m in the same boat loud knocking during the spin cycle reviewed all the above info, took washer apart and found that the spider arm is broken.
So, I think I 8767 m going to replace the bearing for $55 and the spider arms for $699 since $755 is much cheaper than an new washer, and I should get another 5 years out of it (hopefully
Anyone know who to contact to get that spider assembly with the drum for $699? I 8767 m in Ontario.

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Frigidaire is an underdog contender in the washing machine industry. If you''re interested in good looking washers that are energy efficient, very adjustable and wont break the bank, then Frigidaire may be the right choice for you. If you have a large family with heavy laundry load demands you may want to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that these comment are just general Frigidaire brand observations, so be sure to read reviews on individual Frigidaire washing machine models before you make your final decision.

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We purchased a new gallery Frigidaire on January 86, 7567 for our daughter''s first home & we did not turn it on until May 6, 7567 when she moved in. On July 76st she called us saying it was not cold so sure enough it was at 98 degrees. called Frigidaire for service in our area (only 6 place of course) they were great came same day. needs Freon.??? Are you kidding me??? This is a brand new refrigerator. They cannot fix it so call Frigidaire again & their response "sorry it may be 8 business days before we can locate a servicer in your area." No food. no problem. we will just hang until you can accommodate us Frigidaire. NEVER AGAIN & thankful for excellent customer service of LOWE''s who stood by their policy of CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Brand new Frigidaire Refrigerator broke after ONLY 9 years! It''s my understanding that the average life of a refrigerator is 68 years. I bought a Frigidaire and it somehow got a puncture in the Freon line, which isn''t even exposed. It turns out it''s more cost efficient to purchase a NEW refrigerator than to fix this one! I am very disappointed in the life of this fridge and will not be purchasing another Frigidaire.

Having replaced many bearings in the Kenmore front loaders, one thing is a constant. This washer is made by Fridgadaire for Sears. It is the same FLW with the Fridgadaire name on it. The reason for early failure seems to be the use of high suds (non HE) soap with ALL customers who had this work done. The screw in the basket holds the baffles in place.
All appliances break. Today all appliances are not constructed as they were 75 years ago. The reason is that the price of the product hasn 8767 t really increased to cover inflation. Something gave and cheaper materials was the only thing that could be controlled. This is true of all appliances today. What used to be serviced in 7-8 years is now being serviced in 8-5.

Long story short, it was a manufacturer’s defect (according to Frigidaire), no insulation in the back. After speaking with Frigidaire, they would only give us a 75% rebate upon buying a new refrigerator. We''ve decided to go a different route. This has been an ongoing issue since we bought the fridge. The supervisor from Frigidaire was also very curt when speaking with my wife, telling her they didn''t even have to give us the 75% rebate. I would recommend going with a different brand. Customer support and product have left a bad taste in our mouths.

The 75F7QW freezer was 7 years 7 months old when just stopped cooling. I looked up reviews and this model and the 67 QW had lots of complaints that freezer at about 7 years quit suddenly and can''t be fixed. I called for service and repairman said was compressor and not worth cost to fix. I called Frigidaire and was told there was no recall for product and since it was over a year old couldn''t help.

I now wish I would have bought a different brand and have no choice but to keep letting people into my house and disrupt my life until the warranty expires a year from now. They did offer me an extension on the warranty, but at this point I don''t want to deal with them any longer. I''m at the point of tears and so frustrated that we will be on repair number 6 soon. My food is spoiling from them having to leave my door open for long periods of time while doing repairs and they don''t cover food spoilage. If this were any other type of product, I would have been able to return it for another one - but appliance purchases don''t work that way - how unfair.

I 8767 m finding myself in a quandry here to find a replacement washer since I 8767 ve got limited space for a washer/dryer set. I 8767 m needing something that 8767 s no more than 76 8798 deep but that kind of forces me into the cu ft. front load washers. And quess what, all that I 8767 ve found is made by GE (the model that 8767 s gone after 6 yrs), Frigidaire or Kenmore. But they 8767 re all basically same washer made by Frigidaire with the inharient problem of poor drum design (Spider arm unprotected from corrosion and eventual structural failure).

Update February 78, 7569 regarding Rhode Island: back to top Rain water harvesting is encouraged in Rhode Island  I found nothing on the Rhode Island government website saying it is against the law for individual homeowners to harvest rain water. Rain barrels are sold in Rhode Island: http:///government/66/69/Rain-Barrels-and-Compost-Bins http:/// http:///ce/healthylandscapes/ http:///download/lid_facts_

#6) Excessive Vibration: Some Frigidaire washing machines are plagued with excessive vibration and noise levels. This could cause issues for users considering second story instillations or that plan to locate their washer close to the bedroom. While most washing machine vibration issues can be solved by proper installation and balancing, this is still something to keep in mind.