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Officecore’s aesthetics lean toward the nostalgic, evoking the lost era of cubicles, neckties, and Windows 95. The genre seems stuck in the 95s, mocking water coolers and MS Publisher, ignoring new office fixtures like the WeWork common room , the evening Slack alert , and the corporate Facebook page. Player avatars appear in suits holding briefcases, instead of the aspirational creative-class uniform of sweaters and messenger bags. These games still feel like Office Space , while the real office has evolved into Spike Jonze’s Her . There’s untapped potential to simulate the modern workplace, where everyone is a “creative,” a “curator,” or an “influencer,” where free lunch keeps everyone in the office, where work has to be more fulfilling because work-life balance is over.

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The whole genre of games that look like work share a muddy boundary with work that looks like games , a manifestation of crumbling work-life balance and the rise of social networking, the ultimate grey area between work and pleasure. The desktop sim genre has stagnated in the past few years, maybe because the office drone found a better time waster in social media. There are spreadsheet interfaces for hiding your Twitter and Facebook use , but this isn’t even necessary in the growing number of jobs that include social media management. When work is play and play is work, neither are very satisfying.

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I reviewed Pixel People in full last year Splice Genes & Build A Utopian City In Pixel People For iOS Splice Genes & Build A Utopian City In Pixel People For iOS It's a city building game with a twist - instead of dealing with economics, politics and waste management, you just build a utopia. For fun. And you clone people too! It's a creative, methodical but. Read More , though the developers have gone out of their way to add even more to it with free updates (take note, EA).

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Despite its retro design, It is as if you were doing work takes place in a post-labor world of “95% unemployment.” Randomized dialog prompts and document headings describe futuristic technologies like biofuels, tricorders, and gene doping, while the documents you “type” give self-help advice. Stock photos of office work pop up, with headers like “There is joy in work” and “No one ever drowned in sweat.”

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As ever you should keep an eye on the simulation genre if you&rsquo re into this kind of game, but notably there are a few pending releases that look set to offer a little more variety. The first is Suburbia: The Board Game which was recently announced for iOS and is described by Pocket Gamer as &ldquo a cross between Sim City and Settlers of Catan &rdquo &ndash colour me curious.

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One genre that&rsquo s unfortunately withered is the city simulator. This type of game was never a huge success compared to action-packed shooters and real-time strategy games, but it&rsquo s always had a place in the hearts of some PC gamers. While the vaunted SimCity series has ended (for now) with the critically despised SimCity Societies, there are a few alternatives to SimCity that carry on the legacy.

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The Generic Office Roleplay Facebook group is more of a sandbox than a game. Australian teen Thomas Oscar created it in 7568 as a deadpan satire of office life. Oscar shut out unfunny ideas, striving for realism, rejecting friends who all wanted to play as janitors. “If you only have five sale reps on your company, you’re not going to have twenty janitors,” he told the podcast Reply All . Like any good DM, Oscar set boundaries around the roleplaying.

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The zombie theme has penetrated just about every genre of game and film, from sci-fi to romantic comedy, and now the city building (well, management) genre. Rebuild does however offer a fresh perspective on the notion of a zombie apocalypse, and if you&rsquo re a horror fan with a penchant for city simulations, this should have you frothing at the mouth and oozing blood from every pore (you know, in a good way).

Beautiful 8D graphics The Three Best 8D Tower Defense Games For The PC The Three Best 8D Tower Defense Games For The PC Tower Defense is one of the most popular game genres today, and it&rsquo s easy to see why. The basic idea &ndash mowing down enemies as they approach your fortifications &ndash is both satisfying and easy. Read More is this game&rsquo s most recognizable feature. While a beefy system is required to run it, the cities are truly beautiful when the game is played at its highest detail settings. In addition to this, Cities XL just has a lot of stuff &ndash there&rsquo s many different types of roads, bus routes and public rail options, and there&rsquo s even super-buildings and specialty buildings that can jazz up a drab downtown.

The other fathers are all well-drawn characters who I want to get to know. There’s of course romantic subtext, but even though I’m totally ready to bone down with Mat, the hot barista, I’m also enjoying just learning more about him. He’s an awkward guy, his coffee shop is covered in band puns (I ordered the Godspeed You! Black Coffee), and he used to be in a band. In fact, the first time you hang he invites you to a PUP concert, which is one of my favorite real-life bands.

Officecore has three subgenres, in rising order of scope: Desktop simulation, office simulation, and corporate simulation. Desktop sims turn the computing environment into a puzzle or arcade game office sims explore the workplace as a weaponless first-person shooter, RPG, or adventure and corporate sims work like top-down simulations such as SimCity or Roller Coaster Tycoon. Each provides a different commentary on the modern white-collar workplace.

Corporate simulators are a strange sort of power fantasy, as they satirize the real-world power fantasy that is upper management. You might feel like your boss shuffles you around like a resource in a video game, a minion who makes their numbers go up. You suspect that you’re doing all the real work, while their job could be reduced to an algorithm, or a game. Running a company with a few clicks feels tantalizingly realistic. It can make you believe you deserve to be in charge.

This site provides a One-Click solution that looks at your computer's hardware and system software to determine whether or not your current system can run a product. Each of your computer's components is evaluated to see how well it meets the minimum and recommended requirements for specific products. Recommendations are made on how to update or upgrade each component which does not meet the listed requirements. Sometimes, a simple, free software download is all that is needed. Sometimes you'll find that you need a different video card to fully experience what the game has to offer.

The ruse is a bit thin, especially now that the fake software looks ancient. So the faux desktop interface is more stylistic than practical, and it emphasizes the relative monotony of the games themselves. To open a game, you click a button that oscillates between “start game” and “start work,” a winking gesture that feels sadder each time it loops. These games are designed to make time pass. To play them is to admit that you don’t even need to be entertained, just distracted. To play them is to admit you are wasting your life.

Like many gamers, I&rsquo m not particularly fond of EA. I wouldn&rsquo t go as far as boycotting quality titles because of a few short-sighted board members, but at the same time they&rsquo re often their own worst enemy when it comes to alienating a passionate community. Unfortunately, such a flawed attitude means that Sim City for iOS no longer works due to a lack of development. What that really means is that EA couldn&rsquo t be bothered to update it to work with newer versions of iOS (even if you&rsquo ve purchased it, it&rsquo s no longer working, and EA seemingly don&rsquo t care).

Another city builder with a unique setting, Tropico 8 makes you the dictator of a Caribbean island. As the Dear Leader, it&rsquo s your job to make sure that it grows and prospers &ndash but in addition to this, you need to handle a number of political factions with different wants as well as your relations with both the USA and the USSR, each of which wants the allegiance of your strategically valuable slice of paradise.

If you&rsquo re looking for a pure city-builder that&rsquo s crafted strictly in the image of the SimCity games, Cities XL 7566 is your only modern option. Developed by Focus Home Interactive, Cites XL is a straight-forward alternative to SimCity 9. Much of what you do is the same. You zone property, you build utilities to support your city, and you try to keep the citizens happy so that people move in rather than out.

Picross Makeout League is a short visual novel about a group of superheroes called the Puzzle League, who are all themed after various kinds of puzzles. You play as Picross Girl, whose superpower is to be really good at picross, a puzzle in which you follow a numbered guide to make rudimentary pictures on a grid. Picross Girl sees picross puzzles everywhere, and you, the player, are tasked with solving them. Her teammates are basically the personification of different kinds of puzzles: Crossword is constantly giving you crossword clues, Chess is obsessed with black and white thinking, Piecea is an actual puzzle piece, and Sudoku is pretty unforgiving. The plot is not fully developed in this demo, leaving you on a cliffhanger as Picross Girl is kidnapped, but you do get to go on dates with some of your teammates.

The same tools that created the always-on workplace could create its simulations. Mobile gaming and social networks have normalized giving a game extensive access to your device and your personal information, enabling fourth-wall tricks that would impress Metal Gear Solid’s Psycho Mantis. Progress   and   Blackbox   interact with your phone’s accelerometer, brightness, and battery Lifeline turns your mobile notifications into a text adventure Farmville and Candy Crush exploit your social connections to keep you playing. These tricks would be all the more impressive in a game that simulated Slack alerts, LinkedIn networks, and annoying corporate VPNs, a game that’s as always-on as the workplace it simulates.

Despite the old-fashioned setting, the game is a strict and difficult city builder. Crafting a small village isn&rsquo t too hard, but as your towns grow and you attract more citizens, you&rsquo ll need to pay close attention to your supply chain. Citizens require access to certain goods to be happy, and you also need access to certain materials to construct more advanced buildings. Securing these goods through expansion and trade is the game&rsquo s focus.

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